Freeport Shopping Center

ACB was awarded a contract to provide architectural services for the Incorporated Village of Freeport Community Development Agency and from this contract came a request to conduct a study for the rehabilitation of the existing façade of the shopping center. The existing store fronts are original and in disrepair. A new International House of Pancakes (IHOP) Restaurant was constructed on the western end of the strip mall. ACB’s first attempt, was to create a homogeneous façade by respecting the strong sloping roofs of the IHOP. At either side of the sloping roofs were parapets that maintained the horizontal features of the building. ACB used these horizontal elements to create a new façade with high and low points along the building, and maintaining the horizontal lines of the façade The materials used were bricks and EIFS (Dryvit) The parking lot and spaces were reconfigured due to the new walkways and ramps and the surface was redone to create the proper slope to the drains. .