Einstein College of Medicine

The Building was designed to have 45,000 sq. ft. of offices, consultant rooms, and medical offices such as dentistry, OBGYN and primary care facilities. A thorough zoning and building code analysis of the lot was established. The floor area ratio; the minimum sides and rear yards; the minimum separation between our new building and the existing building; including fire ratings and parking requirements. In addition, by designating the location of the new lot as we did, existing building appurtenances, as well as parking for adjacent existing building, had to be redesigned and relocated.

The site was very complicated, with sloping two directions, rock 12’-0” to 14’-0” don and the water table 6’-0” below the surface with unstable soil down to the rock. The program called for a part Cellar to house the mechanical equipment 11’-0” below grade. The water table required us to design a complicated water tight foundation, footing, ventilation and drainage system to protect the boilers and other equipment in the cellar. Our Geotechnical Engineers (Langan Engineers) recommended piles with reinforced grade beams to support the walls and columns.