The Greater Allen A.M.E. Cathedral of New York

ACB Architects PLLC redesigned the Entrance Lobby, Conference Room, Rest Rooms, Book Store and Offices, consisting of 15,000 sq. ft.. for The Greater Allen A. M.E. Cathedral of New York. The design creates an environment that with an inviting and warm, contemporary feel. From floor-to-ceiling the entire lobby captures a unique of design from its cove lit ceilings to the intriguing cut tile floors. The refined, natural materials of architecture feature – wood panel walls, entrance glass walls and soft indirect lighting. Wide corridors create airy volumes that blur the distinction between the interior and the perimeter of space. The redesign of the Conference Room and Office spaces include, targeted lights and wood cut trims. The Interior offices have been upgraded with the same wood trim and glass partition system used for the windowed perimeter of all offices, entrance areas and the book store. Instead of being in enclosed administrative workstations ACB created an open plan contiguous with large workspaces. This allows for flexible space assignments as the needs of the departments change over time. Services • Architecture • Interior Design