Allen School

ACB was commissioned to expand an existing school, Pre-K through 8th grade in Queens, New York. The school and all of its current activities had to be on going without any disturbance and the construction could not pose any hazard nor harm to the students and teachers. Meetings were held with the contractor, staff to create a phasing plan identifying the portion of the work that had to be conduction at nights and on weekends. Our feasibility study, zoning and building code analysis revealed that, “as of right” and addition of 20,000 sq. ft. was achieved with parking requirements of 11 cars. The program stipulated that the height of the building matched the existing (three floors), twelve (12) classrooms, a Library, Music Room, Dance Studio, Computer Labs, and a Roof Top Outdoor play area. In addition, the existing cafeteria was expanded to accommodate the additional students, as well as the upgrade of existing boys and girl’s toilets.