IS 125 School

I.S 125 SCHOOL ACB was responsible for the rehabilitation of the facade, the rehabilitation of the existing 350 seat auditorium and stage (which included new selection of finishes, seating, sound absorbing stage floor, dressing rooms, theatrical state of the art lighting, sound and stage equipment), a replacement of approximately 46,500 sq. ft. of roof, and the design of a new kitchen for the cafeteria. (A. Epstein was responsible for the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems). ACB’s approach to the repair of the cracks in the façade was to request that portions of the coping be removed at the location of each crack. An investigation was conducted to determine if the outer width of brick had separated from the back up bricks. In some areas, this situation had occurred, and portions of the wall were removed up to structurally stable areas. The removed brick was then replaced and tied back to the back-up bricks. Probes of the roof and sub-strata were taken to test for asbestos in the roofing materials, as well as to establish the integrity of the concrete deck below.