Erasmus High School

ERASMUS HIGH SCHOOL The pool locker-rooms, showers and ancillary areas were abandon and had not been used for approximately eight (8) years. ACB’s firm was commissioned to rehabilitate the pool, locker-rooms, showers, windows, sky-lights and roof.  Upon conducting our survey, ACB’s firm discovered that there were water stains in the underside of the concrete roof deck and that in some areas concrete had fallen and the reinforcing bars were exposed and rusted. Together with our engineer, an in- depth survey was conducted of the roof and we discovered that many of the supporting steel beams were rotted (especially at the connections) and our recommendation was that the roof and steel be replaced. The replacement of the steel was approximately 40% and the entire concrete roof deck was removed and replaced. The parapet walls were repointed and new rubber roof was installed over rigid insulation to meet the New York State Energy Code. The adjacent areas outside the pool proper were also rehabilitated. Great care and coordination had to be exercised during the construction since the school was occupied by the students.