Terminal Area Master Plan - Syracuse Hancock International Airport

“We want to be the best airport in Upstate New York and satisfy various and the sometimes competing, needs of our customers.” This vision that translates to the goal of the Syracuse Hancock International Airport is the compass needle that directs the concerted efforts of the design team of C&S Engineers, Inc. and ACB Anthony C. Baker, Architects & Planners, P.C. The main focus was the existing terminal building: how it breathes, moves, grows and justifies its being. The common denominator is the passenger and his/her baggage. What has to be done to maximize the passenger processing capacity of the existing terminal? The challenge of the design team presents more than meets the eye: The vision is to be the best airport in Upstate New York; the existential qualities desired are flexibility, adaptability, versatility, and expansibility. ACB’s responsibility was the analysis of the terminal as it relates to a 5, 10, 15 year growth projection. A complete report was done which included plans, elevations phasing, and renderings showing interior and exterior sketches.